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Fur Times | June 6, 2020

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7 Quick Tips for a Happy, Healthy Cat

7 Quick Tips for a Happy, Healthy Cat
  1. Make sure to store your cat’s food in a cool, dry place. Monitor his food bowl making sure his food is fresh and hasn’t been left out for prolonged periods of time.
  2. Give him a nice resting place where he will stay cool and feel safe. An old cut out cardboard box lined with a blanket is a great idea.
  3. Make sure his water is always fresh. Consider buying a kitty water fountain as many cats prefer to drink from running water.
  4. If your cat goes outdoors a lot and it is sunny, be sure to put sun block on his nose and ears.
  5. Never leave your cat alone in your car. Cats can easily suffer from heat stroke, so be sure to keep your car cool when your cat is riding along.
  6. Be sure to take your furry friend for regular vet visits. Once a year is required, but if you notice any abnormalities in between, take him for an additional visit to rule out health problems.
  7. Always make sure your window screens are in place and locked. This is extremely important so your cat does not escape.

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