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Fur Times | March 29, 2020

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About Francisco DiPolo, DVM, CVA

Francisco DiPolo, DVM, CVA

Francisco DiPolo, DVM, CVA

Veterinary medicine is my calling. Being able to make a difference in the life of pets and their humans is an honor that makes me feel fortunate on a daily basis. After obtaining my veterinary degree at The Universidad Central de Venezuela, I moved through my academic path by completing my post-graduate clinical rotations at Tufts University. During this exciting experience I became aware of the concept of integrative veterinary medicine – the combination of conventional medicine with holistic treatments, to promote optimal health. I felt that I had found my true path, in that this philosophy is and has been a perfect fit with my professional goals and personal beliefs and lifestyle. Since the year 2000 I have been passionately and successfully integrating the best of cutting edge technology, medicine and surgery with complementary therapies – such as acupuncture, and herbal and nutritional treatments. Integrative medicine has truly become my way of life. The combination of these modalities, the ongoing effort to educate and guide pet owners in maintaining and improving their pets’ health, and the desire to further build the bond between pets and their owners are the main reasons why I love being a veterinarian.

Posts By Francisco DiPolo, DVM, CVA

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