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Fur Times | June 4, 2020

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Bringing a Puppy Home

Bringing a Puppy Home

The first few days your puppy spends away from his mother and litter mates can be quiet stressful. When you bring her home, give her plenty of attention. If you take the time to teach her about her new home, feed and play with her, she will adjust more quickly.

Let your puppy sniff and explore

Start by letting your puppy sniff around and then teach her where her bed or resting area is. If you still have it, place her used bed blanket that smells like her mother in her new bed. Then allow her to explore her new surroundings at her own pace.

Let your puppy sleep

If you have small children, it’s easy to want to play all the time with the puppy and make her excessively tired. It is important to never wake up your puppy. Unlike babies, puppies know when they need to sleep, so once your puppy falls asleep, do not bother her.

Introducing your puppy to other pets in your home

Start by keeping your pets at a distance and feeding them separately. Slowly let them get acquainted and monitor initial interactions. Before you know it, they can become best friends. Even your cat can learn to cope!

Begin Potty-training

Do not yell or hit your puppy if she pees on the carpet, you could make her feel insecure. Be sure to take her to the area where you wish her to eliminate plenty of times throughout the day. Reward her with compliments and treats every time she eliminates outside.

Give her time to adjust

It is important to train your dog to be alone. During the first few nights, it is likely that your puppy will be restless and cry when left alone. A hot water bottle and a ticking clock wrapped in a blanket can soothe her. Do not worry too much – soon she will feel at home.