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Fur Times | March 28, 2020

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Cats and Dogs: Who’s Who?

Cats and Dogs: Who’s Who?

The anatomy, metabolism, and personality development are very different between dogs and cats.

Here are some fun facts for both.


  1. Hightened sense of smell and hearing. The dog’s nose has 220 million smell-sensitive cells; humans have only 5 million.
  2. Dogs are descended from Asian wolves.
  3. In the Middle Ages, dogs were a status symbol among the nobility.
  4. Puppies are born blind.
  5. Bull Terriers and Italian Mastiffs’ original nature is peaceful
  6. Hounds can track someone after 4 days of having smelled them.
  7. A dog can find his home from long distances due to his ability to identify magnetic fields.


  1. Cats have 244 bones, while humans have 206. Cats are on average 15 times smaller than humans.
  2. Many of a cat’s bones are located in his tail. The position of the tail can tell you how his is feeling. For example, when he lifts his tail, he is proud and satisfied.
  3. The cat’s nose reacts to touch, temperature and odors. Each nose is unique like human fingerprints.
  4. The hind legs are longer and stronger than the front legs.
  5. The cat walks and runs moving the front and rear legs of the same side at once.
  6. In the animal world, only the camel, giraffe and cat have this feature.
  7. The whiskers are hairs with nerve endings, serving as air detectors, which combined with his sense of smell, help to exacerbate the identification of any odor. These also affect their movement and sense of direction.
  8. Another unique feature in cats is their ability to purr. No one knows exactly how it occurs. It is related to feelings of satisfaction but also pain, anxiety or nervousness.

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