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Fur Times | June 4, 2020

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Destructive Behavior in Dogs

Destructive Behavior in Dogs
Yuruani Olguin

Puppies love to investigate their surroundings with their mouth. During the teething stage, many owners will complain that their puppy will go through shoes, expensive furniture and anything he can lay his puppy teeth on.



It is important to understand your puppy’s need to mouth on something as he is teething, but it is also important to establish boundaries and rules on what is appropriate. Begin by setting up a confinement area for your pup. Your untrained puppy should not be allowed to freely roam around your home unsupervised.

It is important for your puppy to have plenty of chew toys to serve as an outlet for his need to chew on something. Freezing rubber toys can be a great idea as this will keep your puppy engaged longer, and also provides more relief.

Puppy proof your home and make sure that before you let your puppy loose in a room, there is nothing he can get into that you would not approve of. If your puppy chews on furniture or wires, be sure to purchase Bitter Apple Spray and spray all surfaces that are off limits with it.

If you catch your puppy with something he should not have, quickly correct him with a loud clap or “No” and offer him something that he can have instead as you take away the inappropriate chew toy. It is also important to teach your puppy a proper LEAVE IT command so you can prevent him from getting anything he should not have.

By establishing rules from the time your puppy arrives, you will have less behavioral problems once he is grown.

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