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Fur Times | June 4, 2020

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Do Dogs Dream?

Do Dogs Dream?

It is common to see that while your pooch sleeps, his tail wags, he moans and even shake`s his legs. Is it true that they are dreaming? Of course!
Dreams are part of the processes performed by the brain to assimilate the experiences we live. Studies show that dogs also process all life experiences and cognitive ability.

Dogs are known to reach REM sleep phase (which is directly related to dreams), and during this phase retain a lighter sleep that allows them to hear sounds and respond to any alert. It is during REM sleep that dogs sigh and move various body parts.

There have been studies which compared the sleep pattern of abused dogs, with those of happy dogs.

The results show that dogs do not have nightmares like us, instead, a dog who has lived bad experiences or is depressed, minimizes the mental process that makes “dreams”. It is speculated that dogs dream of moments of great emotion that they live throughout the day.

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