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Fur Times | June 4, 2020

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How to Tire Out Your Dog in 20 Minutes Without Becoming Exhausted

How to Tire Out Your Dog in 20 Minutes Without Becoming Exhausted

Running is a very important basic exercise for your dog. All dogs need daily exercise to maintain good physical and mental health.

Unfortunately, not all owners ensure their dogs get enough exercise, putting them at risk to become overweight and unhealthy. In the past decade there have been many new medications claiming to help obese dogs. However, in 99% of these cases, drugs are not necessary. What your dog really needs is a healthier diet and enough exercise. Exercise is not only important to keep your dog fit, but it is also very important for his mental health. A dog that does not have enough exercise will become bored at home and can develop unwanted behaviors such a being destructive.

A dog that spends his energy on walks, will come home happy and tired. Normally quietly lie down to rest, and spend hours perfectly busy with her toys (such a stuffed kongs) without getting bored or becoming destructive.

By contrast, a dog who is not properly exercised will be restless and energetic all day, prone to mischief for entertainment. Readers who have children will recognize this metaphor: Imagine a rainy Sunday with a child about four years old that has not left the house all day. You know how they behave at the end of the day? Like a caged lion. This holds true for dogs as well.

Many owners complain that they become tired much sooner than their dogs. Luckily, you can teach your pup to play fetch, and this problem will soon be solved.

The game consists of throwing an object (ball, frisbee, etc.) away from you. The dog chases the object and brings it back to you to continue the game. A dog that is hooked to this game, will get tired in 20 or 30 minutes. This exercise not only helps tire out your dog, but it also improves your relationship, without exhausting you.


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