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Fur Times | March 29, 2020

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Does My Pet Need Vitamins?

Does My Pet Need Vitamins?
Francisco DiPolo, DVM, CVA


It’s an unfortunate reality that most people in the U.S. live with some kind of vitamin deficiency despite efforts to educate the population on how to eat better.


Specifically, there has been the relatively recent movement toward looking for organic foods and foods with a supposed increased nutrient level. Whether or not you subscribe to the organic-only ideology or buying fortified foods, there are valid points to be made on either side of the argument.

For myself and many others, it makes sense to believe that food items in their most natural state contain most of the enzymes, vitamins and other micro-nutrients that we hope and expect to receive. However, there are some exceptions where heating certain foods may improve their digestibility and absorption.

Just as is the case with people, I strongly believe that our pet population suffers from vitamin and other imbalances. While we can measure deficiencies of major nutrients such as proteins, fatty acids and carbohydrates in pets, it is nearly impossible to measure a micro-nutrient deficiency with our standard level of medical care.

For this reason, I strongly believe in adding a well-balanced multivitamin to a pet’s diet protocol. Since there is no clear oversight on how these vitamins are produced, finding a good and reliable company is essential toward assuring that a product’s quality is as advertised. Some of the brands that we like at Worth Street Veterinary Center include Rx Vitamins, NuVet and Vetri-Science. I am sure there are other good products on the market, so please do your research before getting any supplements for your pet. Always try to feed your animal food that is natural and is processed as little as possible.

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