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Fur Times | June 4, 2020

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Why Annual Vet Visits Are Important For Your Cat

March 21, 2016 |

If you’re like most cat owners in New York City, your thought process regarding taking your pet to the vet probably goes something like this: My cat is eating and acting normally, and he never goes outside or is exposed to other cats so he doesn’t need vaccines. Plus, he stresses out and pees every time I put him in his carrier. I’ll just take him to the vet when he’s sick. Read More

Are Pet Vaccinations Needed Yearly?

March 20, 2016 |

If you have been following the standard guidelines for pet vaccinations you have probably been submitting your cat or dog to a painful shot as well as the anxiety of a visit to the vet every year in an effort … Read More

What is Leaky Bowel Syndrome? (Part 2- Treatment)

March 20, 2016 |

Next, I’d like to explain how I approach Leaky Bowel Syndrome when treating patients. The first aspect of improving an animal’s intestinal environment involves making dietary changes. Every pet has a different level of reactivity to food borne allergens, so finding out your pet’s specific food allergies may require some watchful experimentation. Read More

Common Feline Diseases

March 19, 2016 |

Cats are wonderful companions, and those who have had the privilege of owning one, know that there are certain diseases that tend to occur in older felines. Knowing about them and their symptoms can help provide a better quality of life for your pet. Read More

Canine Influenza in New York City

March 19, 2016 |

Because of all the news reports regarding a canine influenza outbreak in New York City, I wanted to take a minute to share my thoughts and perspective: Read More

What to Do When Your Pet Has Diarrhea

March 19, 2016 |

At the Worth Street Veterinary Center, we see pets with acute diarrhea—or what’s often referred to as gastroenteritis—on an almost daily basis. But what, really, is “acute diarrhea”? This is when your dog’s poop is soft, pudding-like (gross, right?), watery brown, or even slightly bloody. Read More

Beware of Poisonous Plants

March 18, 2016 |

Not only are dogs the most common, playful, cheerful, and curious pets; they seem to always bring a sense of joy to our home. In this regard it’s very important to train them well to be careful around or gardens. Read More

Health Insurance For Your Dog?

March 18, 2016 |

Although many people think it is an unnecessary expense, health insurance for your pet can actually save you money and spare you from making a tough decision between the life of your dog and paying the bills should a serious health issue arise. Read More