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Fur Times | June 4, 2020

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Teaching Your Dog to not Jump

Teaching Your Dog to not Jump
Yuruani Olguin

Whether it’s to greet their owners, ask for attention, or simply from excitement, dogs love to jump. Many times as puppies, they are rewarded for this behavior as they quickly learn that jumping gets them plenty of attention.



Many owners will pet their pup as the dog continues to jump up to reach the owner’s hand. Other owners will attempt to discourage this behavior by saying, “No!” or even pushing their dog off as he continues to jump. So how exactly can we communicate to our dogs that jumping is not acceptable?

The best way to let your dog know not to jump is to stand tall with your arms crossed and completely ignore him. It may also be helpful to turn your back in order to not even look at your dog. For dogs, negative attention is better than no attention at all, so when we completely cut them off, they quickly learn that the behavior they are engaging in is not rewarding.

You will notice that your dog may make several attempts to get your attention by jumping, and then, he will try something else, like just standing on all fours and looking at you, or (if you’re really lucky) he may even just sit and look at you. It is crucial to acknowledge your dog when he engages in an appropriate behavior. Give him attention then, but make sure you are not being too animated as he could get excited and begin to jump again. Repetition and consistency are key to fully train your dog to engage in appropriate behaviors.

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