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Fur Times | March 29, 2020

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Ten Great Toys For Dogs

Ten Great Toys For Dogs

Choosing a dog toy depends on your dog’s breed and energy level. For dogs with a high prey drive, you may want to play fetch with a ball or frisbee, as they will be drawn to moving targets. For highly active dogs, agility related toys are a good option.

Toys and accessories are essential to entertain and make your pet happy.

For aggressive chewers who like to pull and tear things apart, you want to opt for highly resistant toys such as a black kong. There are special toys suitable for each canine lifestyle. Because each dog is unique and deserves the best toy, we have listed our top ten options below.

1. Dog Bones

They come in various types, smooth or spiked. They can be made of rubber (extremely durable), nylon or chewy material like leather (bait) or fibrous materials and foodstuffs with added flavorings and help remove tartar.

They usually take the form of femur and the colors are varied, ranging from beige to bright colors.

2. Balls for Dogs

There is a whole range of balls for dogs. Some are the size of a soccer ball (in fact there are dogs who love this kind of ball) and other are simply tennis balls. They come in bright colors and different textures. Some even squeak with the dog bites down on it.

3. Kong Dog Toys

This brand has become extremely popular, and although it currently manages a range of accessories, traditional kong toys are one of a kind. Hard and hollow in the center where you can stuff them with anything from kibble (dry dog ​​food) to wet food or peanut butter, these toys are a great way to keep your dog busy. This type of toy keeps your pup entertained for a long time and can be very helpful for those dogs that have separation anxiety issues.

4. Frisbee Dog

The frisbee is one of the most requested toys for high energy level dogs. Slightly different from the beach frisbees, the dog frisbee is a softer rubber, allowing the proper “feel” of the dog’s teeth preventing them from getting hurt. They come in bright colors and different sizes.

5. Dog Snapper

They are models which are themed toys and therefore vary according to the season. They consist of a figure (animal, human or fantasy) made of durable fabric with limbs made of nylon strings (also known as “wire braid”). This toy is special in that it can deflect your dog’s attention from clothing like socks and pants to a toy that is very durable and can also be used to clean their teeth.
Special versions of soft rubber for puppies or older dogs (senior), are also available.

6. Stuffed Animals

Similar to stuffed toys for children, these toy vary somewhat made of resistant, washable materials. They usually have long limbs so the dog pull these, or they have limbs made of thick nylon strings.

7. Latex Toys

These pet toys are similar to those listed above, but because they are latex have a consistency that is much more attractive to many dogs. Most have a whistle that emits a high-pitched sound whenever the dog chews on it. Some common models are those in the form of chicken or turkey. You just have to verify that the material is durable and will not tear.

8. Toys for fetching

These toys often have a kind of ball held with straps, braids or cords made of sturdy canvas or nylon and serve as Grab Bar to throw a great distance. It is ideal for dogs that like to catch toys and bring them back to their owners. Perfect for a day at the beach or at the park.

9. Bottles sleepers

They are the perfect toy for any dog, as it combines a plastic bottle with a cloth toy. And instead of emitting a shrill sound, their “crunchy” sound offers hours of chewing fun to your dog.

10. Interactive toys for dogs

These offer cutting-edge games for dogs, and have aided in testing dog intelligence. The idea of these games is to mentally stimulate the dog to find different ways to get the reward found inside the toy. They can be adjusted to different difficulty levels and are made of highly resistant materials.

Many of these toys can be found at your local pets store, but shopping online for pet toys and other supplies has become increasingly popular as well.

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