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Fur Times | June 6, 2020

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Walking Your Dog in the Rain

Walking Your Dog in the Rain

During fall and winter, taking your dog out for a walk in the rain or heavy snow can seem more like a chore than fun.

While a dog’s coat protects against moisture and cold, the majority do not like walking in the rain because it’s not pleasant for them to be cold and wet.

Your dog will indicate if he does not feel like walking in the rain by pulling on the leash to return home.

Dogs need to walk every day, rain, snow or shine, to get exercise and do their business, so, in this post we will try to give you some tips to make walking your dog in the rain more enjoyable for you both.

Tips and solutions

  1. If our dog is bothered by rainwater, consider giving him a waterproof garment. If it’s cold consider getting him a warm doggie coat.
  2. You can also buy an umbrella big enough to cover both of you during the walk.
  3. If it rains heavily, it is preferable to stroll through the city to be under trees and balconies as a refuge.
  4. When we get home, be sure to thoroughly dry off your dog with a thick towel or use a hairdryer when necessary.

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