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Fur Times | April 7, 2020

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What to do When Your Dog Has a Cold

What to do When Your Dog Has a Cold

If prevention is not effective and your dog comes down with a cold, you need to take some action. The first thing is to realize that something is wrong with your pet. Dogs do not speak, and it is therefore more difficult to know when they are sick.


Signs of illness vary with each dog, as there are some that immediately show symptoms, while others take longer. Although the vast majority will be sluggish and look unhappy.

If you notice cold symptoms such as sneezing, possible fever, excessive mucus in the nose, take your dog to the vet. Never medicate without the prescription of a specialist. The vet should first examine your pet and determine the appropriate treatment for the illness.

A cold can be accompanied by diarrhea and/or an upset stomach, so it is necessary that during the duration of the cold you give your dog a bland diet.

Dogs tend to recover much more quickly than humans, but it is still important to closely monitor your dog a few days after to make sure the symptoms are completely gone.

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